Summed up, this whole journey boils down to one thing:
You trusting yourself with what you are going through and exactly where you are.
You trusting yourself just as you are.
A trust so Real and True that you and her are no longer two.
You have become one

“Leonor is a gifted therapist and she has truly been a blessing in my healing process. Her approach was exactly what I needed to help me grow and tap into my freedom. She focuses on learning how to sit with and process our emotions, coming out of our heads and connecting with our bodies while still working through mental patterns. However, I can honestly say that the greatest gift of all has been to learn how to feel. Her sessions have forever changed my life. They’ve allowed me to uncover so much of my pain and trauma while at the same time providing me with the tools that I needed to face it all and stop avoiding. I’ve finally been able to start healing on a much deeper level. Even though the concepts weren’t new to me, she also helped me develop a much more meaningful sense of self-acceptance and self-love. She’s been with me every step of the way and has made me feel supported yet independent on my path. I highly recommend her sessions to anyone who is devoted to their healing & awakening.” ~ Mafalda Chantre