If you have something that has brought you to your knees several times, made you embrace grief like no other, something that has torn you down, that tore you apart.

Something that has made you see the worst that lives in you, and the best too.

Something so excruciatingly deep, that has made you see all the colours of the entire universe right in your face.

Something that has made you held your own hand, perhaps the only thing that could actually make you take a stand, for yourself.

Something that made you walk bare feet in the line of death, something that has made you closer with every particle of the entire universe.

Something that has made your best friend be your own sweet tears.

and that has made you closer than you could possibly imagine to Humanity.

Be proud.

For it has shown you, the most precious thing there is.

That you are whole.

Complete with all your glorious shapes and forms and ‘ugly’ bits.

It has shown you that in that face of everything, there is only one thing that you really remember, carry, stand for, care…Are.


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