Since I can remember, I was always in a state of deep suffering and longing. Deeply in touch with myself and yet, at the very same time, innocently doubting of my own inherent Worth.

For a long time, I was an actress. My acting times were a pure reflection and my first attempt to fulfil that search, but especially that longing. Quickly, I began to realize that although a big passion and a profound way of voicing my deepest wounds, the fulfilment and rest achieved through it were still momentary and not deeply satiating. At that moment, the interest started fading away and my attention gradually shifted towards self-inquiry and inner-discovery.

I tried everything: yoga, meditation, spirituality, ashram life, awakening, gurus, many different teachers and although a lot of discoveries and several inner shifts took place, truth is, that the constant seeking and hunger were still very much present. My path really has been one of absolute surrender.  A path of being forced into a constant discovery and honesty. A path where life took away all my answers (spiritual and humane) and forced me to forget how to live this life, totally.

I was brought to my knees several times, and each time I was given the opportunity of discovering a wider ground, a safer and kinder place inside. In the midst of all I thought I was guilty of, all I was ashamed of, all the places I thought weren’t yet perfect enough, awake enough, all sensations I was incessantly trying to banish inside myself, something just surrendered itself…. and this vast empty space of awareness was recognised as my own Self where all else appears in. Suddenly that freedom from and beyond it all.

Yet, nothing is finished, I was and still am in this humbling path of letting all come back Home. Of surrendering all aspects fragmented aspects of Self I innocently took myself to be and let go of all that is no longer aligned with my True Nature.

I am not a psychotherapist either a trained professional, I am a girl, a friend, a passing ‘messenger’, that has gone through the depths of this human experience and that for some reason was lead to choose a non-conventional approach to her deepest struggles and suffering. Someone that was forced to rely more on her own breath, in each moment, than any other technique or method and that is in love of welcoming it all, safely, Here.

Much love,

– Leonor